Reasons For Income Planning In Retirement

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Retirement Income Plan? 7 Reasons One is Needed In Retirement When you are working, a rock-solid financial plan will do wonders for helping you accumulate money for retirement. This strategy will laser-focus on growth and accumulation as top goals. With a financial advisor’s help, you could stay on track with your plan and gradually build your savings for later years. But thingsContinue Reading…

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How Do Multi Year Guaranteed Annuities Work

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Please contact our firm by phone or e-mail your mailing address and request a copy of our booklet : Don’t Leave Your Retirement Up to Chance For retirement savers wanting more growth potential than what CDs and other fixed-interest assets might offer, fixed index annuities can be an attractive option. Indexed annuities can earn more interest overContinue Reading…

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Could Annuities Be Better Than Bonds For Lifetime Income ?

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If you asked a hundred financial advisors about what they use to construct retirement strategies, you would surely get as many opinions as there are flavors of ice cream. Many portfolio strategies today call for strategic mixes of equities and bonds. Lots of research is on the so-called 60/40 portfolio, made up of 60% equity assetsContinue Reading…

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