Ready To Aim For Financial Wellness ? You Need A Guide ?

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  Have you ever seen watched on TV a high adventure travel show? IE: Scaling Mount Everest, Base-jumping off Europe’s Troll Wall, Biking on the World’s Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia, or Traversing the Alps.   Whether one of these treks or someplace else, chances are you will see that they have something in common. Rarely do the thrill-seekers go it alone. Their expeditions often include some sort of guide. And not just any guide. It’s someone who knows the terrain, understands the challenges, and offers the experience to successfully navigate potential mishaps.

Although they don’t involve thrill-seeking, money matters can operate in the same fashion. Without guidance from an advisor, it’s easy to make choices that lead not to financial wellness but to fiscal misery.   Positive Results Require a Behavioral Reset From spending to investing, financial successes and setbacks are driven by our decisions and behaviors, explains Jim Chilton, CEO and Founder of the Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA). The first step toward positive results is changing how we manage our money, which begins with personal spending. “Since behaviors (thoughts, habits, actions) influence our results, our first decision is to realize we need to change our decision-making,” Chilton says. “Instead of thinking ‘we need it,’ why don’t we evaluate how that purchase – an item’s cost, ‘taking away from our money’ – fits into our planning.” “No planning, no budget, we get it!” Chilton continues. “If we have priorities set, then we probably move on.” In other words, managing money without a plan is like steering a ship without a rudder. There isn’t a clear direction to take or a means by which to keep track of progress. It’s a real problem, as just three percent of Americans have a written financial plan, according to Chilton.

CasaSanta Financial Services focus is on Safe Money Alternatives. We believe having a portion of your assets in a Fixed Index Annuity/ volatility buffer your monies will be safe , if a correction occurs.   Planning Brings More Certainty Similar to how expeditions benefit from the guide’s savvy, you can benefit from the vision, clarity, and piece of mind that comes from having a portion of your assets protected from stock market loss. If you were traveling, you wouldn’t go without a GPS or a map for directions. Our financial lives are the same. We need a roadmap to help guide our money behaviors and choices – and to know what steps we need to take financially, says Chilton. “Just like driving to that specific spot, that you’ve never arrived at, you need specific navigation so you don’t wind up lost.

 Not only that, it’s also important for your personal plan to spell out what your goals are. “Just like you do when planning for your money, combine time sequences- short-term to long-term time goals- with specific personal plans and goals. Whether it’s next year’s big trip or in 19 years you calling it quits at work,” Chilton says. “Matching up your time with your goals leads to a disciplined arrival.” Our firm can assist   you in aligning your financial  and personal goals with your future plans. WE do not charge a fee for this service, if you accept the recommendations we make the insurance company compensates us, no monies comes out of your pocket.

The Alternative to Not Taking Action Everyone, from families just starting out to successful business people and wealthy investors, have something about their financial lives they can improve upon.  By receiving a second opinion and creating a volatility buffer, you may be able to make the most out of your assets. For a confidential conversation, please call John @ 704-451-7020.        
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