The Value of Safe Money Protection

Friday, June 25, 2021 | Leave a comment

Our firm believes that everyone should have a portion of their retirement in a safe money bucket.   A market drop can be an untimely disruption for people near or in retirement. It can force you to delay their timetable for a comfortable retirement or to change long-held goals. Fixed index annuities or a volatility buffer is an option that can protect retirement income. These products can help Americans conserve their hard-earned dollars, locking in years of compounded accumulation.   Fixed index annuities/volatility buffers may also help guard against the setback of lost time. When a market downturn causes someone to lose money, it takes time to recover, which can affect their financial progress. A fixed index annuity can help preserve precious recovery time with its benefit of principal protection.   Please click on the digital booklet below which can provide you with more information on how a Fixed Index Annuity/ Volatility Buffer can assist you in protecting a portion of your assets.  

Everyone has different goals and objectives with their retirement dollars. To discuss how our firm can assist you in growing and protecting a portion of your assets please contact john by e-mailing or call 704-451-7020.      
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