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  Are You Aware Their are some retirement account changes coming your way!   There have been many changes made in the past year to your retirement plans that you should know about.   ·       The RMD age has been raised from 70½ to 72, giving you more time to save1 ·       RMDs were waived for the 2020 calendar year, but are back on for 2021!2 ·       You will be able to deduct up to 100% of your adjusted gross income (AGI) in qualified charitable donations made during 20202 ·       Tax brackets have been adjusted for inflation3 ·       The SECURE Act also allows owners of traditional IRAs to keep putting money in their accounts past age 70½ starting in 20202   There is a lot to keep track of when it comes to retirement planning and the rules are constantly changing. No matter what changes come our way, CasaSanta Financial Services will be here to help guide you and answer your questions. You can contact us at 704-451-7020or email – to schedule a phone consultation or meeting today! WE do not charge a fee for this service.   Check out our email next week for some valuable information on inheritance tax.   1. 2. 3.   Are you looking for a way to reduce your tax’s moving forward? Our firm can show you a way to reduce your tax’s in the years to come. Please call and ask how you can develop a tax free income.   John CasaSanta/CasaSanta Financial Services does not provide legal or tax advice. For information on your particular circumstances please see guidance from your tax professional.    
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