The Retirement Perfect Storm

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  For those of you who follow our firms posts the last several months
we have assisted several clients with a Retirement Blueprint
that is offered through Retirement Architecture. You may have seen their
commercials on TV. The Blueprint is focused on reducing tax’s and
providing a volatility buffer/Fixed Index Annuity to their portfolio.
  Besides offering these free Blueprints they also conduct very informative
webinars each Wednesday. Below is a link to a very popular webinar that
was presented by the president and founder of Retirement Architecture
Brett Saso. The title of the webinar is “The Retirement Perfect Storm”.

Below is the link for the webinar.   If the link does not work please cut and paste into your browser.

I would like your thoughts and happy to assist you in keeping some of your
assets safe and continue to grow . There is no cost for the Blueprint or for
my services. When the process is completed you will actually receive a
Blueprint that will be reviewed on an annual basis. This can also be used
as a second opinion to your current plan.

Please give me a call at 704-451-7020 or reply to this e-mail.   Because of
covid, our first couple of appointments or all of them can be by phone or
zoom conferencing. If you would like to meet in person social distancing
would apply.

  Look forward hearing from you,
John CasaSanta
Retirement Specialist        
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