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The last several weeks have been the stock market has been more volatile than ever before. Are you aware, in the last 3 weeks through Thursday March 12th all three major index’s of the stock market have lost 20 – 25% of its value? Are you aware that to make up this type of loss the stock market will have to gain back 25 – 30%? Are you aware, 10 year treasury notes the barometer that banks and most insurance companies base their rates around is not only at all time lows but in uncharted waters?  With this is mind and you are within 10 years or less of retirement or retired preserving a portion of the monies you will need for retirement and during retirement may be of interest to you.

You may be thinking, I have lost too much and need to wait for the market to rebound. What happens if the market continues to correct and your value continues to drop? Will you have to adjust your life style or lose sleep over the fact you may not be able to retire when you want to and on your terms. These types of concerns are always common however in the last several weeks these concerns have become more prevalent. Our firm can offer you an alternative: Are you familiar with a Fixed Rate Guaranteed Annuity? Or a Fixed Index Annuity? Both of these types of annuities will provide Guaranteed Growth and protection from market loss. You can also consider these types of annuities as your peace of mind.

They will also provide you with a Guaranteed Lifetime Income that can not be outlived.

17 years ago CasaSanta Financial Services was designed to grow and protect our client’s assets without taking risk. I am responsible for placing my clients in a position that when major sell off’s happen a portion of their assets will be protected. I am very happy that none of my clients have lost a dime the past three weeks. The good news is that many Fixed Index Annuities offer a bonus (7-10% depending on the insurance company) that will allow you upon deposit, to get back some of what you have lost from market exposure. Many of the annuities will also provide guarantees for your balance to grow no matter how the markets perform.  We do not charge a fee for our service and offer free financial portfolio reviews.  All recommendations are based on your goals and objectives.

Please give me a call at 704-451-7020 or reply to this e-mail to discuss a time to meet. If you have a family member or friend who you feel could use our services please provide them with my number/ e-mail.

All the best,

John CasaSanta

Retirement Specialist


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