Are You One of 76% ???

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June is National Annuity Awareness Month. Were you aware that the, NHP Foundation reports 62 percent of baby boomers think Social Security will provide more than half of their income during retirement. In reality, the benefits will replace around 40 percent of their income.¹ This shortfall has a big impact on the 76 percent of pre-retirees who cite income stability as their top retirement goal.    Creating a customized retirement strategy that aligns with individual needs is fundamental for long-term stability. For those expecting to rely on Social Security or pensions to create an income stream in retirement, other vehicles, like fixed index annuities, can help fill any remaining retirement income gaps.² As an insurance product, funds are not invested in a market or index, so any interest credited cannot be lost due to volatility. This way, income is guaranteed when withdrawals begin, and can last as long as needed.   CasaSanta Financial Services can assist you in establishing a Guaranteed Lifetime Income that you will not out live. For more information on how you can establish peace of mind and a Guaranteed Income please contact our firm at 704-451-7020 or e-mail No matter, if you are planning your retirement or all ready retired we can assist you. We will provide you with Protection, Growth, Guarantees and Liquidity.
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