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Recently an A+ rated leading life insurance company introduced an annuity that has many consumers smiling. Our firm believes that this annuity will be a game changer in the Fixed Index Annuity industry. If you are preparing to retire in the next three to five years, have monies in an investment that you’re not receiving your projected rate of return, desiring to leave monies for your children or grandchildren, worried about the stock and mutual fund markets than this annuity may be worthy of consideration.

Below are a few highlights:

1. The insurance company has deigned this annuity to provide flexibility and is easily adapted to a variety of market conditions which generate consistent positive returns.

2. This annuity is uncapped. Index Annuities are reflections of the market whatever the market gains so will your annuity. If the market gains 10% you do as well, if the market gains
5% so do you, if the market loses 5% you don’t!

3. Your gains are locked in daily and added to your income value. Once they are locked in they cannot be taken away assuming you follow the guidelines of the annuity.

4. There is no charge and no spread fee for this annuity. This alone will add additional interest to the account.

5. Each year this A+ rated insurance company will add an additional 20% to your gain.

6. After year 1 you can have access a portion of your balance as a free annual withdrawal. After 9 years in the annuity you can move your account and the balance at that time without a
surrender fee. If not the account will continue to grow for your beneficiaries or your use. After the end of the 9 years your free withdrawal will increase to a larger percentage.

7. Zero is your hero, if the market shows a loss for the year the worst you would do is gain “0”. You cannot lose money with this annuity.

8. If you are diagnosed with a chronic illness and have less than 12 months to live Nationwide will give you 100% access to your balance without any surrender fees, after year 1.

9. Any Balance in your account at the time of death 100% of your account value will be passed on to your designated beneficiary.

If you’re interested in protecting your assets and tired of the stock market volatility Please contact our firm by e-mailing or call 704-451-7020 to discuss this option in more detail or to request a brochure.

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