America Needs A Financial Wake Up Call

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Here’s Why America Needs a Financial Wake-Up Call If consumer studies give any indication, America needs a financial wake-up call. A lack of consumer financial awareness is taking a toll nationwide, as InvestmentNews covers in a recent story. And the effects of what the advisory news publisher calls a “financial literacy crisis” are significant. Almost two-thirds of people shows signs of lowContinue Reading…

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Confidence Comes from Guaranteed Lifetime Income

Monday, January 7, 2019 | Leave a comment

Tom Hegna, is a financial author and speaker who stresses the importance of protecting a portion of your assets through a Guaranteed Lifetime Income.  The article below outlines the importance of growing and protecting some of your assets using Guaranteed Lifetime Income. Only 17% of workers (and 32% of current retirees) are very confident theyContinue Reading…

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